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Lab Card for N.D.S.
We have a Lab card for dentists which makes work more qucik and smooth. there are index for each products. Also it has Special Required space, please write down more information there.

Special Required
this is a colum for dentists to tell the technisians what to do when there is not enough space, by using transfer corping, creat metal occlusion or reducing opposing.

Transfer Coping
It is an acrylic coping the technisian creat which allow us to grind the preparation model with the coping to ideal space.

Metal Occlusion
It is a good option when patients have heavy bite or the preparation is very close to opposing.

Cut Opposing
It is an option when some of the oppossing tooth mophology is intetfering the dental restorations space, the technisian will do some minimal reduction.

Vital / Non Vital