PFM - Porcelen Fused Metal - spacer

- Semi Precious
- Cobalt Chromium
- Other

- Metal Edge
- Metal Collar
- Percelain Edge
- 360


Semi Precious
We use IPS d.SIGN® 91 from Ivoclar Vivadent® for most clients. It contents 60% Au, 30.6% Pd and 8.4% In (also equal or less than 1% of Ga, Re, Ru). This alloy is Ag and Cu free but still have excellent mechanical properties and good biocompatibility.

Cobalt Chromium
we also provide different alloys if dentists have special request. For example: non-precious alloy (Co-Cr).

we provide other alloys such as Uni Metal from SHOFU for Meryland Bridge, Post/Core. design 67 is low melting point, so this alloy is for implant case, eg gold adapt abutments.

margin_images Metal Edge metal margin for buccal/label side with metal collar in lingual/palatal side.
Metal Collar 360° of metal collar around the restoration.
Percelain Edge porcelain is used for buccal/label margin, but metal collar in lingual/palatal side.
360° porcelain margin is almost 360° used around the restoration.

please tick this box if maryland bridge is required.